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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Janet L. Wissmann

While Janet may be an artist by trade, she actually studied biology in college. Her zoology classes at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana led to an early job in entomology at the Illinois Natural History Survey, and her interests in nature photography led to post-college studies in black+white darkroom photography and to a few jobs in the photography trade.

But a painting class for non-majors back in college is what opened the door of the world of watercolor to Janet. Her love and understanding of animals directed her early watercolor explorations, and a night class in botanical illustration at Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History, taught by the talented staff member Zbigniew T. Jastrzebski, rounded out her painting and illustration skills.

Janet developed her own style of painting early on--a style that uses many layers of transparent paints to achieve a depth and richness that is unique to transparent watercolor. You can read more about Janet's watercolor style of painting on her web pages.

Janet lives in the beautiful Driftless Area of Southwestern Wisconsin.
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Janet L. Wissmann, Watercolorist - Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin
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